The Flea Market Hustlers


Hey Hey

Graham Lindsey


David Preston - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
John Furbush - Mandolin
Mike Tharpe - Banjo
Jake Winebrenner - Drums, Vocals
Joey Fletcher - Steel, Resonator


I've been taught and I've been told
And I've been turned and pushed and pulled
I've been played hey hey hey hey
The sun goes up the sun goes down
This big wide world keeps spinning round
It's all the same hey hey hey hey 

And all along the winding way 
Beauty ain't an act of faith 
All in all it's not the same 

I've been bought and I've been sold 
And I've been crooked and cockeyed and cold 
I've been swept and swayed hey hey
The tide comes in and the tide goes out
The whole wide world starts to shake and shout
Say what you will say hey hey 

But all along there are the waves 
The rays of daylight faraway 
They live they die but nothing's changed
All along the winding way 
I came I saw I did not stay 
I lived I died I did not change